Mama says do your homework blah blah blah. So my big sister is doing her sisterly duties by making sure we do it while mama is out at work.I dont really like homework but i spotted those cookies she has so i’m trying to hurry through it so i can have one.Only after i have finished she said…sighs
I think lewis has other ideas though and is playing roblox on his laptop,…. oh well more cookies for me.

Check out these awesome new activity tables..They are available by Nach@Limited 50.If you hurry you might be able to get them before they sell out,last time i checked just before posting this blog there was 48 left so run or get your skates on to be faster. They come in both pink and blue and have a menu full of poses and props. (see pic below)Be careful though i spied a timeout one in there so make sure you behave at all times or just dont tell the parents your cute new table has that function haha.(you didn’t hear that from me or i will be using that spot myself)


To check what i am wearing keep your eyes out for my next post!


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