• Hair-yumyum-61B hair bow with color change hud included
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Teeth Braces-Toddleedoo@Roselline Event-Bento dental braces to fit all td bento heads-NEW
  • Dress-Tesoro@Roselline Event-Katryn School Dress-11 colors to fit TD Baby and Bebe
  • Leggings-Lazo-Cady legging applier (omega) several colors available
  • Boots-Mapetit-Slipper Boots (pecan) Bebe only
  • Bag-Zenith-Cow head bag (gacha) 
  • Body-Bad Seed-Bebe Body Fitted
  • Shape-Custom I made it myself 


  • Hair-Doe@N21-Zoie-NEW
  • Headband-Lazo-Headband Bow with color change hud -NEW LOCATION
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline- (added different brows and lips)
  • Watermelon-:::ChicChica::: Watermelonmania #1 (Gacha)
  • Outfit-Mapetit-Maui for fitted Bebe only. Unisex Outfit available in 9 colors,2 seperate pieces for easy mix and match.Dicounted price until saturday 25th Aug so hurry hurry-NEW
  • Sandals-Mapetit-Maise Sandals
  • Body-Bad Seed-Bebe Body Fitted
  • Shape-Custom


Lets bake a cake they said..  

We made a lot of mess here but i am sure it will still taste nice.Who wants to taste it first? First person to write to me in world gets 300L just incase i make you run to potty a million times. Thats good good compensation right? lolol -siera viper

Look at this cute baby we are babysitting today. He is so happy to be our little helper. You can get him from Black Bantam@Epiphany. He is in a gacha along side some other babies, (holdable&Rezzable) and the cake bowls and decors/Chef hat. Go and check it out. 

I also wanted to you show you our outfits. They are a new instore release from Lazo 

Gia top and Ida shorts.Fits TD Baby fitted and Bebe Body fitted. Available in packs with 5 colors each pack. Fatpack has 2 exclusive colors for Tops and Shorts-NEW NEW NEW 





PJ day and Story time with my dorky sis, i swear she is making it up as she goes along though! Look at our new pj’s they are so cute and warm i never wanna take them off.These are available from Little Stars@Ninety-Nine.They come in several colors and fit TD Baby and Bebe

We are wearing-


Decor used-






Its hot hot hot! I got this spray bottle fan to cool me down though and its bliss!! These are available at Koukla for the saturday sale. They come in 6 colors and are interactive with spinny fan and water squirt when you click the nozzle. Holdable with animation and rezzable.-NEW 

  • Hair-Doe-Spring Breeze (Gacha)
  • Head leaf-Half Deer @the arcade-Deer-Nature Head – I am Fruit
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline- (added different brows and lips)
  • Dungarees-Lazo-Lee Dungarees
  • Paci-{Blubb} Binky Clip -Bunneh (Gacha)
  • Bear-Boogers-Wear-A-Bear Blue (resales at yardsales and mp)
  • Lunchbox-Boogers-LunchBox Cute Kitty 
  • Coloring Book-Buglets-Ryleigh’s Coloring Clutter (Gacha)
  • Pens-Half Deer-Colorful Pens – Assorted Pastel
  • Paintbrushes-Half-Deer-Deer Paintbrush Holder 
  • Tissues-Half-Deer-Cuddly Tissue Box
  • Dog-JIAN Beagle Pup 
  • Shoes-Lazo-Franky Slides
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Baby 
  • Shape-Custom


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