• Hair-Doe@Whimsical-La v1 (Gacha) NEW
  • Head-Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Necklace-Amaya-Matte Black Chain old gacha 
  • Top&Cardi –Little Miss@Color Me Cute-Kimono Cardi.Available in lots of colors with hud to control the Tee to fit TD baby and kid-NEW
  • Jeans-Little Miss@Color Me Cute-Capri Jeans-Available in lots of denims to fit TD baby and Kid-NEW
  • Sneakers-Lazo-Emilia sneaker with new Add on zigzags hud-NEW
  • Dog-Jian– Countryside Collies -Companion Pup Bi (Gacha)
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shape-Custom



Have you been to Color Me Cute yet? Lazo has these fab outfits for us which are totally unisex as you can see. The Reed pants come with/without belt with 3 hud options.The Tee also has 3 hud options with different colors/motifs and even a plain option. All can be mixed and matched an outfit for everyday yay!! Both items are to fit Td Baby/Kid and Bebe Body

Everything else we are wearing from Left to right




          All shapes are custom by us! 


Boog Blog

Who’s a Booger Bear fan? I am i am… so im super excited to tell you there is a new line of bears which are available in the Boogers Mainstore. No more waiting to see if more bears will appear at the Arcade. The shelf is available for free, and then each Bear is available to buy on their own, so you can take your pick. The Panda’s are my faves they come in clean or dirty versions.Go check them out and add to your collection ♥

Other props used-

  • Blocks-Roost-Let’s Play Building Blocks-(Gacha)
  • Nest toy-BoOgErS-Nesting Bots 
  • Shelf-BoOgErS-Stuff on Shelves for Walls
  • Chest-BoOgErS-Toy Chest (Gacha)
  • Coloring Book-Buglets-Ryleigh’s Coloring Clutter (Gacha)
  • Stool-Half Deer-Panda Stool
  • Cabinet-David Heather-Game Cabinet (Gacha)

What we are wearing-

  • Hair-Me-Pr!tty-BabyDoll (Gacha)
  • Hair-Him-barberyumyum*S02
  • Heads-Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Me-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Skin-Him-Lambins-Nick-Fawn
  • Dungaree’s-Lazo-Lee Dungarees-with colors/texture change huds to fit both TD and Bebe Body
  • Sneaks-Lazo-Emilia Sneaks
  • Body-Me-Bad Seed-Bebe Body (Fitted)
  • Body- Him-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shapes-Custom


Come and get some free kisses, i promise they are very sloppy! You can get your own free kisses both with doggy at Jian for 50l Friday Run before its gone! Comes with a sit and kiss animation but does not work for kids so i made these to fit it! -NEW 

  • Hair-Pink Hustler 8102
  • Headband-Half Deer– Blossom Baby-Wildflower Crown – Mix
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Dresses-Lazo@Ninety-Nine-Cary Dress available in gold or silver trim with/without lace in 6 colors to fit TD Baby/Kid and Bebe Body-NEW
  • Boots-Snips&Snails-Tiny Tims
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shape-Custom



  • Hair-Limerence@The Epiphany– Margarita hair RARE~NEW
  • Headband-le fil casse-Marlena Collection Headband Navy (Gacha)
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Outfit-Little Miss@Color Me Cute-Sweater Jumpskirt. Available in 10 colors to fit TD Baby&Kid-NEW
  • Boots-Lazo@Ninety Nine-Winterboots come with and without sound and with and without socks. Available in 3 huds with 5 colors to control boot,socks,poms and sole.Also available as a fatpack-To fit td and bebe-NEW 
  • Dog-Jian@Epiphany-Dashing Dalmatians-Companion (Gacha)-NEW
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby (With Shrinkee)
  • Shape-Custom


  • Hair-Doe-Olivia (Group Gift)
  • Headband-Tiny Trinkets-Kitty Headband past Group Gift
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Top-Lazo@Color Me Cute-Fluffy Jacket and scarf-with color change huds for both-to fit TD and Bebe-NEW
  • Bottoms-Lazo@Color Me Cute– Fluffy Skirt Leggings-with color change huds for both-to fit TD and Bebe-NEW
  • Boots-Tiptoes-Wool Knit Boots (Gacha)
  • Cat-JIAN Curious Kitties-Toy Truck Companion Rare Gacha
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shape-Custom



  • Hair-Pr!tty@Chapter Four-Dakota (Gacha)
  • Headband-Buglets-Janie Headband
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Dress-MaPetit– Bebe Harriet Outfit-Dress and sweater available in soft and vivid color huds with 6 options on each.To fit Bebe body only-NEW
  • Boots-MaPetit-Ribboned Slipper Boots Available in 12 colors-NEW
  • Doggy-Jian -‘dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup (Gacha)
  • Body-Bad Seed-Bebe Body
  • Shape-Custom