Playdate today with Lewis keep readin to see what we got up to! 


Lewis is such a dork, he wanted to test my cape to see if i could actually fly.I’m not going to tell you the results though you can test it for yourself. These new cape t-shirts are coming to the Toddleedoo Fair (27th) by Boogers and Paper Damsels. They comes in a bunch of colors with different slogans along with a hud to change the cape color to suit both boys and girls!

Snacktime was next…


Notice my hair change? Yep i got wet from the previous activity (still not telling you if i could fly or not though)

Snack time was fun these yummy food trays are not just for snacks they are a game too! Each time you click the food appears into your hand then after you ate them all you get the yummy treat at the end. I am still eating mine but i’m sure lewis cheated and put his on my plates when i wasn’t looking. pftt. These will also be available at the Toddleedoo Fair by Boogers.They come in several different patterns.

Chill time…


Another awesome product by Boogers and yep you guessed it, it will be at the Toddleedoo Fair so make sure you save all your money for the 27th to buy all these awesome things. This Big fat pillow is perfect to chillax on. It comes in several textures and is loaded with poses to suit 1 child or  2

Everything else we are wearing






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