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  • Hair-Truth-Sadie (Hair tie i changed the texture myself) but it does with a dark colors change hud
  • Head-Toddleedoo-Alice Bento
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling–Expression Eyes-Lots of colors packs available 
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes 
  • Bindi-Swan-Heart Bindi
  • Ice Creams-Black Bantam@cb88-Pink Berry Drip Flamingo Ice Cream Set-NEW
  • Bib-Petite Bowtique-Celia Bib with a 8 option hud,4 clean colors and 4 dirty-NEW
  • Outfit-Petite Bowtique@Thimble on the 20th-Freya Romper.Available in 4 colors which comes complete with some flat shoes (not shown in pic but see ad pic below)-NEW
  • Feet-Toddleedoo-TippyToes.Just alpha out the flat feet to wear these. I adore them soooo much!-NEW
  • Toe Rings-Turducken@Hello Beautiful-Toe rings pack available in 7 metals with 5 rings in each pack-NEW
  • Anklet-Turducken– Jingle Anklet
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Babygirl (with Bento hands hud)
  • Shapes-Custom

{Petite Bowtique} Freya Outfit


I love snuggles from my godsis she’s the best godsis in the world. Love you millions Pia ♥


Us kids are wearing~

  • Hairs-(me)-Foxy-Fries-(Gacha)
  • (Him)-Besom x Flite-Jackson (Gacha)
  • Heads-Toddleedoo-Alice Bento
  • Vest (Me)-Ugly Duckling-Bandeau (Hud)
  • His Tee-s.o-Basic grey Tee (Hud)
  • Outfit-Maple-u.f.c unisex outfit. Comes with color change huds for both top and pants.-NEW original mesh
  • Sneaks-Flite-Long Beach Low Tops(Gacha)
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Babygirl (with Bento hands hud)
  • Shape-Custom
  • Poses-Left-Posies-My Buddy
  • (Right)-Petite Bowtique-Family Squish-NEW





Kumiko made some milkshake again to bring the boys to the yard,usually it doesn’t work but this time one turned up!! Still not sharing my fries though! 

 what we are wearing


  • Hairs- (left) Burley-Emily (Right) Foxy-Mondaze
  • Kumi’s Glasses-Yummy-Mona Glasses
  • Heads-Toddleedoo-Alice Bento
  • Top-Boogers&Toasty@Ninety Nine (on the 9th)Backwards hoodie comes with fries for hud,mouth and a wearing bumper to throw them everywhere.Comes with a color change hud-NEW
  • btw i laughed so much at this hoody i almost peed
  • Leggings-Lazo-Floral Leggings (May Group Gift)-NEW
  • Shoes-Lazo-Emilia sneakers-If you have these there is now 2 NEW ad on huds with floral and denim textures!

Stinky fry stealer lewis is wearing-