• Hair-Doe@Whimsical-Poppy Gacha-NEW
  • Hair Flower-Truth-from the VIP Fiji hair pack-NEW
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Eyes-Buzz-Gleam Eyes-Jet -Gacha
  • Outfit-Lula Belle@Ninety Nine-Amalie outfit-Available in 6 colors. Shorts have a 4 option color change hud.To fit  Bebe Fitted TD Baby (Non-Fitted)-NEW
  • Sandals-Lula Belle@Shop Hop-Tassel Sandals-9 colors to fit TD&Bebe(unrigged)-NEW
  • Table-Koukla@Ninety Nine-Galaxy water table loaded with 3 animations-NEW
  • Chore-Koukla@The Saturday sale-Chore Sticks-4 colors available.Click to get your chore stick-Today i washed the dishes in my water table :D-NEW
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Baby 
  • Shape-Custom


Guess what!? Shop Hop is back this month.I am so so excited for it and super happy to see it back.  It opens on june 8th. Save plenty of money cos Lazo has this super cute Zeta dress available. It fits TD Baby and Bebe Fitted and comes in 3 colors per pack (Hud) and fatpack with exclusive color.Tee and Dress being mix&Match! (Lm to come for shop hope headquarters so you can grab your hud) 

  • Hair-Truth-Jacica-VIP April
  • Headband-Half-Deer-Blossom Baby-Wildflower Crown-Mix(Gacha)
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Eyes-Buzz-Gleam eyes-Jet- (Gacha)
  • Shoes-Reign-Bow Sandal Creepers
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Baby 
  • Shape-Custom
  • Dog-Jian@The Arcade– Splashy Spaniels 6. Brit Black Companion-NEW

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Lewis thinks Loki’s ghost stories are funny but i really dont. He is sooo mean sometimes!

Check our our pj’s. These are available from Lazo for the Shop Hop. They come with a 6 option hud to change the color/Picture for a special price so make sure to grab them! If you are not familiar with the Shop Hop make sure you go to the headquarters and get the store hud. You then click and tp to all the stores and stay for at least 1 minute while browsing their items.Once completed head on back to the headquarters and pick up your free gift. Such a fun shopping event infact its my fave!!

Everything else

  • Me-Hair-Pr!tty-Mini with hat included-(Gacha)
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice Bento
  • Ears-Swallow–Shiny Ears
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby (With Shrinkee)
  • Shape-Custom

Lewis (left)



  • Pumpkins- Lil Cathys-Pumpkin Patch Crazies (no longer avail)
  • Racoon-Jian-Racoon Static
  • Birds-Half Deer-Raven-Pumpkin and Witchy-NEW
  • Ghost-Half Deer@N21-Kitty Ghost pack-NEW







  • Hair-Yumyum-*94
  • Hair Butterfly-Half-Deer-Forest’s Tale – Sweet Butterfly (Gacha)
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice Bento
  • Ears-Swallow–Shiny Ears
  • Outfit-Lazo@Shop Hop-Chino’s and polo shirt come with huds to control the colors and places on the tops. To fit Toddleedoo and Bebe-NEW for a closer look please see my previous blog post HERE
  • Backpack-Petite Bowtique@Shop Hop– Lil Traveler Pack-Available in 4 colors-NEW
  • Sneaks-Vale Koer-Adored Trainers 
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby (With Shrinkee)
  • Shape-Custom


We are all packed up and ready to go. Where you ask? we don’t know yet we are still deciding where our fake little Bebe passports might take us. Wish us luck. Gives a little waves and skips off!

All our outfits are a new release from Lazo@Shop Hop (5th August) Chino’s and polo shirt come with huds to control the colors and places on the tops. To fit Toddleedoo and Bebe-NEW

Everything else from left to right-

Pose for middle 2 (middle) kids-Posies@Shop Hop 5th august (comes with globe and different suit case not this one in the pic)-Little Travels pose-NEW




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