• Hair-Truth– Fernanda
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Outfit-Lazo@Color Me Cute-Marina Set- Available in 2 packs 5 colors for top and pants in each pack.To fit TD Baby,Kid and Bebe Body (Not fitted)- NEW
  • Shoes-Plum-Creach Sneaks-Floral
  • Bear-Boogers-Pander-Dirty Albino (New line available in store)
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Baby 
  • Shape-Custom



  • Hair (Me)- Elua-Xenia 
  • Him-Besom x Flite-Ace
  • Heads-Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Me-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Skin-Him-Lambins-Nick-Fawn
  • Outfits-Lazo@Ninety-Nine (9th)-Gym Set Gacha- 16 commons and 5 rares to collect. Each one comes with ears as an add on also Lace and no lace versions. To fit Td kid/Baby and fitted Bebe Body. T shirts come in just white in commons but one of the Rares is a 21 color/patterns hud. -NEW
  • Sneaks-Flite-Feezy’s (Rare Gacha) 
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shapes-Custom
  • Bag-Boogers-DuffelCat Persian 

Boog Blog

Who’s a Booger Bear fan? I am i am… so im super excited to tell you there is a new line of bears which are available in the Boogers Mainstore. No more waiting to see if more bears will appear at the Arcade. The shelf is available for free, and then each Bear is available to buy on their own, so you can take your pick. The Panda’s are my faves they come in clean or dirty versions.Go check them out and add to your collection ♥

Other props used-

  • Blocks-Roost-Let’s Play Building Blocks-(Gacha)
  • Nest toy-BoOgErS-Nesting Bots 
  • Shelf-BoOgErS-Stuff on Shelves for Walls
  • Chest-BoOgErS-Toy Chest (Gacha)
  • Coloring Book-Buglets-Ryleigh’s Coloring Clutter (Gacha)
  • Stool-Half Deer-Panda Stool
  • Cabinet-David Heather-Game Cabinet (Gacha)

What we are wearing-

  • Hair-Me-Pr!tty-BabyDoll (Gacha)
  • Hair-Him-barberyumyum*S02
  • Heads-Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Skin-Me-Okkbye-Emmaline-NEW (added different brows and lips)
  • Skin-Him-Lambins-Nick-Fawn
  • Dungaree’s-Lazo-Lee Dungarees-with colors/texture change huds to fit both TD and Bebe Body
  • Sneaks-Lazo-Emilia Sneaks
  • Body-Me-Bad Seed-Bebe Body (Fitted)
  • Body- Him-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby 
  • Shapes-Custom


We are all packed up and ready to go. Where you ask? we don’t know yet we are still deciding where our fake little Bebe passports might take us. Wish us luck. Gives a little waves and skips off!

All our outfits are a new release from Lazo@Shop Hop (5th August) Chino’s and polo shirt come with huds to control the colors and places on the tops. To fit Toddleedoo and Bebe-NEW

Everything else from left to right-

Pose for middle 2 (middle) kids-Posies@Shop Hop 5th august (comes with globe and different suit case not this one in the pic)-Little Travels pose-NEW





Yoga time is always fun right? I’m just sitting on her though cause i’m lazy. That’s what 4 year olds do though right? 

This mom and me outfit is available by Tiptoes@The Gacha Garden.(August Round) Now make sure you empty your piggy bank for this because its a gacha and there is plenty to collect. There is 16 commons and 2 rares,The outfits being the rare which come in toddle bebe and adult size (Lara maitreya only) water bottles and headphones are commons. Gacha Key & seed of inspiration below for a closer look

These Booger bears are also up for grabs at The Epiphany with 10 commons and 2 rares to collect. The 2 featured are Ball fail bear and Fail Bear (Rare) Gacha Key Below

Everything else we are wearing


  • Hair-Yumyum-*P02
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice Bento
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby (With Shrinkee)
  • Shape-Custom
  • Shoes-Lazo-Yoga Shoes with color change hud-NEW





The Booger Bears are back!!!! 

I am so excited to see the booger bears again.This time a little different because they will be at the Epiphany on the 15th@10pm.You are able to trade in any duplicates for points which will allow to get the exclusive and trust me as always its totally worth it. 

Exclusive ad-

BOOGERS Feel the Bearn exclusive ad

Gacha Ad-

BOOGERS Workout Bears AD

What we are wearing-




Im sharing a bedroom now with Lewis, i plan to add more girl things, when hes not looking though of course

Plum has a new Little indu gacha@The Toddleedoo Fair. Theres a boys and girls set which is fantastic dont you think? Here is whats up for grabs- (Gacha key below for another look)

  • Little Indu Bed Him RARE
  • Little Indu Bed Her RARE
  • lndu HangLight He
  • lndu HangLight She
  • Little Indu Pouf 3 girl colors and 3 boy colors
  • Little Indu Chair She and he
  • Indu Rug she and he
  • Shiplap Accent Wall
  • Nightstand
  • picture for nighstand
  • table lamps 

Everything else i used-

From Boogers

  • Xstation Media Center
  • Toy CrateStack 
  • Grurfernder Berr (Gacha)
  • Ring Stacker Toy 
  • Poor Abandoned Bear (Gacha)
  • Shape Sorter (Gacha)
  • Ball Basket
  • Stack Blocks
  • Monster Balls Decor
  • Hermerner Berr (Gacha)
  • Sophia Puggeh Bear(Gacha)
  • Wooden Pig
  • Pizzy Piggeh Bear(Gacha)
  • Paper Diamond Curtain 


final multi

  • HairWasabi Pills@Chapter four– Missy (Gacha)-NEW
  • Head-ToddleedooAlice Bento
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling–Expression Eyes-Lots of colors packs available 
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes 
  • Bindi-Swan-Heart Bindi
  • Outfit-Petite Bowtique@Ninety Nine-(9th)Ruthy Romper.Available in pastels and bolds to fit TD and the new bebe body.Sneaks included-NEW
  • Finger Puppets-Boogers@Ninety Nine-Bento finger puppets.Comes with a hud which allows you to wiggle fingers on both hands or one hand at a time.-NEW and completely awesomesauce!
  • Lewis’s hair-–BesomxFlite-Jordan
  • Lewis outfit-Boogers-Tshirt and cargo shorts with color change hud to control both
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Babygirl (with Bento hands hud)
  • Shapes-Custom



Kumiko made some milkshake again to bring the boys to the yard,usually it doesn’t work but this time one turned up!! Still not sharing my fries though! 

 what we are wearing


  • Hairs- (left) Burley-Emily (Right) Foxy-Mondaze
  • Kumi’s Glasses-Yummy-Mona Glasses
  • Heads-Toddleedoo-Alice Bento
  • Top-Boogers&Toasty@Ninety Nine (on the 9th)Backwards hoodie comes with fries for hud,mouth and a wearing bumper to throw them everywhere.Comes with a color change hud-NEW
  • btw i laughed so much at this hoody i almost peed
  • Leggings-Lazo-Floral Leggings (May Group Gift)-NEW
  • Shoes-Lazo-Emilia sneakers-If you have these there is now 2 NEW ad on huds with floral and denim textures!

Stinky fry stealer lewis is wearing-