• Hair – Sintiklia – Cath with style hud
  • Head – Toddleedoo – Lemon evox compatible – NEW
  • Skin – Flying Bunny – Luisa Skin. made for Cherry Head evox But works for lemon-NEW
  • Blush – Ribbons – Blusher Pack (evox) – Tintable Bom layers with 8 styles with 4 opacity options -NEW
  • Ears and Horns & choker – Yokai at c88 (round is about to close though so check mainstore) – Muuu SET – NEW
  • Face shimmer – Ribbons – evox bom, lots of separate layers in this pack for different parts of the face – NEW
  • Outfit –Seams Legit at Woodland Event -Olli outfit. This outfit is very special and the interactive. Allow me to explain.

So to start, what is the interactive system?

Well, it’s a HUD connected to your outfit that allows you to add or remove layers. So for this outfit the onsie is our base, you cannot remove it via HUD (this is to keep us kiddos safe, no accidental nakkie babies). In this outfit there is 2 options, Onsie+Pants or Onsie+Skirt. Wear the one you prefer. You can then click your back and “Add Layer” to pull up your skirt/pants over your onsie! If you add again you’ll dirty the onsie, and if you add once more you’ll dirty the skirt/pants! If you hit remove it will remove everything in the reverse order. BUT with this HUD you also have an access list meaning you can add your parents/caregivers and they can add or remove layers to you! So if you try to go outside in a onsie they can say Nu uh, and pull pants up over it. Or if you get all dirty playing they can come along and dust off the dirt from your outfit! It’s super easy and straight forward to use and will add some fun into your RPs! ♥

An example of how the HUD works….


♥ Ollie is here! AHHHHH! Ollie is an adorable onsie that can be worn alone or with the included skirt or pants worn over it! Ollie also comes with a dirty layer!

♥ If you prefer not to use the interactive system there are the pieces of non-scripted clothes in a box labeled with it’s body size! It’s all the same options just no HUD. 😃

♥ Ollie has 10 packs to choose from! There are 2 Plains packs that gives you 20 plain textures each and then 8 Pattern packs that gives you 10 patters+10 plains. The plains that come with the pattern packs are just colors taking from the patterns textures to make it easy to match a plain with a pattern encase you don’t want your onsie and pants to both be patterned. ~ Ollie comes in LB, Bebe, and TD! ~ NEW NEW NEW

  • Cows – Yokai at Cupid Inc – I love Muu – 2 colour sets – NEW
  • Socks – uh-oh -Danica Bom ankel socks
  • Shoes – Lula Belle – Canvas slip ons
  • Shape – Made myself 
  • Body – Toddleedoo – Baby

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