Lazo Blog

  • Hair-Boon-011
  • Headband-2PM-Sweet Candy headband (old gacha)
  • Head–Toddleedoo–Alice
  • Ears-Swallow–Shiny Ears
  • Sweater-Little Miss-Puffer Vest with under sweater.Available in different colors with plain and pattern huds for the sweater
  • Leggings-Lazo@The Toddleedoo Fair-Dee Leggings-Available in black&White versions with huds to control the top color-NEW
  • Gloves-Lazo@The Toddleedoo Fair-Gloves-Available with black or white finger tips with color change huds for the rest of the glove-NEW
  • Boots-Flite-A-Solo Boots-Cheetah (Gacha)
  • Body-ToddleeDoo–Toddledoo-Baby (With Shrinkee)
  • Shape-Custom


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