Im sharing a bedroom now with Lewis, i plan to add more girl things, when hes not looking though of course

Plum has a new Little indu gacha@The Toddleedoo Fair. Theres a boys and girls set which is fantastic dont you think? Here is whats up for grabs- (Gacha key below for another look)

  • Little Indu Bed Him RARE
  • Little Indu Bed Her RARE
  • lndu HangLight He
  • lndu HangLight She
  • Little Indu Pouf 3 girl colors and 3 boy colors
  • Little Indu Chair She and he
  • Indu Rug she and he
  • Shiplap Accent Wall
  • Nightstand
  • picture for nighstand
  • table lamps 

Everything else i used-

From Boogers

  • Xstation Media Center
  • Toy CrateStack 
  • Grurfernder Berr (Gacha)
  • Ring Stacker Toy 
  • Poor Abandoned Bear (Gacha)
  • Shape Sorter (Gacha)
  • Ball Basket
  • Stack Blocks
  • Monster Balls Decor
  • Hermerner Berr (Gacha)
  • Sophia Puggeh Bear(Gacha)
  • Wooden Pig
  • Pizzy Piggeh Bear(Gacha)
  • Paper Diamond Curtain 



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