Airlie and i have set up camp for tonight. Not sure if we will last all night though cos i heard uncle say that when it gets dark all the animals and insects come out. We will give it a try though with our torches turned on at all times just incase. Wanna go camping with some friends this week? If you head on down to The Playroom you can. Look for the Tiny Trinkets Gacha.There are lots of commons to collect and 1 rare which is the tent.Its loaded with 14 animations with a 9 option color change hud.See Gacha ad below for a closer look~NEW

What we are wearing

  • Hairs (me)-monso@Uber -Dahyun   Airlie-Pink Hustler-8098 with bandana included
  • Necklace-Bamse-Loyalty Necklaces (Gacha)
  • Top-Lazo-Molly Crop with color change hud
  • Overalls-Cooley@BabiiGlam-Dorked [6&5]-Gacha-NEW
  • Sneaks-Lazo-Emilia Sneakers-Comes with a 15 color change hud to control the front,sides,tongue and laces.
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl (Bento version)
  • Shape-Custom
  • Pose-Posies-My Buddy

    Happy camper Gacha


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