Its never a good thing putting us in timeout at the same time,it just screams more trouble! Loki is trying to steal all the candy but nope i wont let him because i really don’t wanna spend all day in these chairs. 

Check out the new Shop Hop event which is now open and lasts for 1 week only!!.Firstly and most important you need to drop by the headquarters  to join the group to get the Tp hud which you will then use to go to all the stores participating to see what they have to offer. After you have visited all the stores on your hud (for at least 1 minute)you can then Tp back to the headquarters and get a prize Pretty neat eh? Make sure you check it out i can promise you its an awesome first round.

Up for grabs for the Shop Hop are these time out chairs are available from Ant Hill They are loaded with 10 fun poses,i love the flying pose loki is in the most cause it suits him so much! Please note my pose is edited to fit with his pose. 

Check out this awesome record player too which is also available for Shop Hop from Larnia.Click it to turn on and to rock out to the music!!

We are Wearing



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