MER: Tides End

Mama blogged out adventure today! Check it out



TAIL: Jomo– female mermaid tail, dorsal fin included – purple
PASTIES: Mad – Mermaid Pasties – MP Link
EARRINGS: Maxi Gossamer– Electra Unicorn Horn
BUBBLES: Tsunami– FREE bubbles – MP Link
HAIR 1: Argrace– Akane – Dark Browns
HAIR 2: Argrace– Tsumugi – Dark Browns

OUTFIT: ToddleTeeZ – Mermaid Princess Outfit – MP Link
HAIR: Argrace– Tsumugi – Blonde

POSE: Click – Little Swimmer



POSE: Click – Mermaid Practice


Today we went exploring!

One of the best parts of SL is being able to be who or what you’ve ever wanted to be.

Today we were mermaids and explored the beautiful region of Tides End. Everyone is welcome, not just ones like us who can breathe under the sea, but for those who want to give it a try, they offer a variety of free mermaid “gear” when…

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