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      • Aw ok , do you know any others who make them? Also do you have a store in marketplace? I will check you out 🙂

      • Honey store does nice shapes but when it comes to custom I’m not sure of anyone Iv always just made my own so that no one else is wearing the same one. Iv never made any to sell on mp just made a few customs for people before

      • Ah okay because the shape you have in this picture is so so cute . Just wondered if you do customs for people and how much you would charge

      • See thankyou so much. ATM I don’t have alot of time in between everything else I do in sl working and blogging but if I get back to doing customs you will be the first to know 🙂

      • No worries I totally understand as I am a full time student myself and am very limited to time when it comes to other things.

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