Check lewis out hanging off my bed, he thinks hes spiderman sometimes. I hope he can hang on without falling this time,cos hes really loud when he cries.He said he is jealous of my new bed and he wants one too. How about you? Like i told lewis, head down to Gimmick@Ninety-Nine and pick one up. They hold two people with a few different poses for you to enjoy. They even come without the matress so you can mod it and add one of your own,maybe a spiderman one would be awesome for lewis.

Here is a list of everything else i used to decorate

  • Shelf-Boogers-Stuff on Shelves for Walls
  • crate-Boogers– Toy CrateStack 
  • basket- Boogers-Ball Basket Pink Dot
  • Floor glitter-Half-Deer-Heart Glitter 
  • Rug-{anc} NOEL-frilled furrug / milk 2Li-GACHA
  • Books-tres blah-Eclectic Collection-Charmed Books-GACHA
  • white drawers-tres blah-Jolie-Makeup Tower-GACHA
  • Headphones&Phone-tres blah-Salad Days-Easy Listening-GACHA
  • Hanging poms-Half-Deer-Pom Pom Garland
  • Cats 10 [[RH]] Cat Sit AND  14 [[RH]] Cat (Gray) Mam-GACHA
  • Wall art- Nach@The Gacha Garden -Sparkle Art Frame-GACHA
  • Canopy-zerkalo-All White – Canopy
  • Pony-Meche-Mon Poney – Creme-GACHA



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