For all the little ballerinas out there i have the perfect bedroom set for you!! The Gacha Guardians starts today and Nach has worked really hard to bring us this sweet bedroom set. Dont forget to participate you need to grab a hud from Nach.Let me tell you what you will be playing for.

  1. Bunks-Both beds are loaded with poses/animations for 2 kids,alone if you want too and there is a parent menu too! These are the RARE
  2. Ballerina Mirror– This comes animated so you can pose right in front of it! we all love to  do that right?
  3. Rocking chair-Grown and kid option with poses to suit child/adult alone or parent/child poses.Also rocks once sat on it
  4. Ballet Barre-Fullly functional with 3 animations
  5. Wall decor-I love these ballet dancers, they brighten up any bedroom
  6. Dressing Table-Plenty of animations in this one, we can apply blusher,brush hair,put lipstick on(dont tell your mama) do your eyes,manicure and pedicure.Each animation gives props! 
  7. Dance Picture-The music notes makes it oh so cute!
  8. Rug
  9. Little girls frame-Floor standing-This is the treasure trove gift!!

All poses/animations are adjustable


Everything else i used 

  • Globe–Pixicat– Ballerina.Glass 
  • Windows-Half-Deer-Faux Window-Unicorn Dreams 
  • Wall hanging gems-Half-Deer-Crystal Romance Garland 
  • Jewelry Box-MishMish-Nostalgia Jewelry Box
  • Bear-BoOgErS-Ballerina Bear(mp and yardsale resales only)
  • Ballerina Lamp-Lil Cathys-Ballerina Nightlight (floral 1) RARE(resales on mp and yardsales only)
  • Floor Hearts-Half-Deer-Heart Glitter





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