Check out my new doggy,Special Thanks to my grandpa for buying him for me. I made a pose so i could ride his back, and gave him my spare binky, I couldn’t resist a little hair bow on his ear.He didn’t even bark so i guess he likes it too šŸ˜€ You can get your own wonky weenie from the Jian Gacha@The Arcade!Ā 

  • Hair-Boon-Lab.005
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling-Dreamers Eyes-Lots of colors packs availableĀ 
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes & VCO-Angie Eyelashes
  • Ears-Mandala~Simple Ears
  • Earrings-Tiny Trinkets-Reika
  • Binky-Ugly Duckling-Gem Binky (gold rare)
  • Necklace-Nach-Be you rose gold (gacha)
  • Undies-Lazo-Undies with lace-12 colors-NEW
  • Slippers-Half Deer– Sweet dream slippers gacha-Unicorn Llama (rare)
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape-CustomĀ 



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