Bed blog

I have been waiting for a good set of bunks for sooo long and i am sure you all have too! Save your money up for this new release i promise you its worth every penny.I cant get over how adorbs and just perfect this is.Paper Damsels has obviously worked so hard on this that’s for sure. This will be coming to Ninety-Nine on the 9th August. It is loaded with poses/animations and is available in 3 colors.

The Tapestry that i have hanging off the right to the bed is a new release which is a gacha from Little Stars@The Playroom so cute to hang in any room! There are 9 commons and 2 rares to collect-See ad below 

Rug and beanbag are from Dreamer Gacha from Atomic@Epiphany (Resales also on MP)

Curtains DRD LN curtain-Past Arcade-Resale also available on Mp

Light Curtain-ionic– Luces-Resales also on MP




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