Sugar Sweet Bedroom


Omgosh this new sugar sweet bedroom set is a must have for all girls big and small its just so adorable. 

This will be available from BunBun@Epiphany on the 15th July.There are 20 commons and 2 rares to collect. which are listed below.Seed of inspiration gift is a adorable plate of unicorn cookies with a glass of milk, This is only  redeemable by points and will only be available for July’s round so make sure to grab it if you don’t want to miss out


  1. Bed-Loaded with poses-RARE
  2. Crib with poses-RARE
  3. Pink Desk set
  4. White Desk set
  5. Picture Frames
  6. White Dresser
  7. Pink Dresser
  8. Pink Cookie Rug
  9. Gold Mushroom Lamp
  10. Pink Mushroom Lamp
  11. Silver Mushroom Lamp
  12. White Curtains
  13. Pink Curtains
  14. Gold Piggy bank
  15. Pink Piggy bank
  16. White side table
  17. Pink side table
  18. Gold cloud lamp
  19. Silver cloud lamp
  20. Gold Bunny mirror
  21. White Bunny mirror
  22. Pink bunny Mirror
  23. Seed of inspiration-Unicorn Cookies and milk

Other Decor i used 

Gacha ad


Seed of inspiration Ad




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