Taking my dog out today for a run the easy way! I think hes going to be tired after this, he is trying his best to keep up with me 😀 Do you like my new bike and backpack? I love them so much but these are limited so if you want them you need to hurry as there are only 50 available and i am betting by the end of the day you might be too late! read below for the details

  • Hair-Boon–011
  • Bangs-Boon–Mae 003
  • Headband-Zenith-Rosette Headband (Gacha)
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling-Dreamers Eyes-Lots of colors packs available 
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashesju
  • Under eye Highlights-okkbye
  • Ears-Mandala~Simple Ears
  • Backpack-Nimble@Limited 50-Blossum Backpack-Comes in a pack of 2 (pink&White)With a color change hud.Run run run and get yours before they are no longer available!~NEW
  • Outfit-Nimble@Ninety Nine-Gwynith Outfit is available in mutes,pastels and patterns with color/texture change huds for each.To fit Baby&Kid~NEW
  • Bike-Tiny Trinkets@Limited 50-Unicorn Bicycle-Blue version also available to fit baby&Kid. Don’t forget this is limited and selling out fast so go now now now and get yours! ~NEW
  • Sandals-Lazy Unicorn-Bebe Flops Gacha-10 commons and 2 rares to collect to fit baby&Kid 
  • Dog-Jian@The Arcade-Beach Corgis Gacha-NEW
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape- Custom


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