Our Princess Castle


Me and my sister Deliah had so much fun today  decorating our new princess castle fit for a princess or 2! Keep reading and i will tell you all about it.But first lets start with what we are wearing. 


This  behind my castle playhouse is the best playhouse i have ever seen look how gorgeous it is! its quite big inside too so maybe you can persuade your parents to let you be a princess and live in here instead,i know i want to.This is available from Lil Cathys@Color Me Cute.You can leave it plain or dress it all up just like i have,it looks great either way-NEW

Here is everything i used for the outside-

  • Flowers around the doorway-kalopsia
  • Rose vines-Half Deer-Climbing Rose Vine (Bright) – R -v2
  • Bunny-Half Deer-Bunny helps with the Decor 
  • Paint can-Half Deer-(don’t cry over) Spilled Paint – Rainbow
  • Unicorn on the roof-Half Deer– Unicorn Story – Lazy Day
  • Fence-uKWinter Picket Fence Segment 4
  • White Trees-Half Deer-Starglitter Tree (Sugar White)

    And we even decorated inside-


  • Canopy-zerkalo-Britain’s Bedroom – Canopy Light
  • Couch-zerkalo-All White – Couch – PG
  • Hanging Hearts-zerkalo-Vintage Tea Party – Lace Garland 
  • Jackolope on sofa-Half Deer-Jackalope Baby – Fluffy Blanket 
  • Light-Half Deer -Country Rose Chandelier 
  • Rug-BabyBurp– My little Traveler – ruffle rug roses
  • Hearts-Half Deer-Spilled Candy Hearts
  • Pillow-zerkalo -Cozy Corner – Pillow
  • Pouffe-zerkalo-Halloween in White – Pouffe
  • Cat toy-Half Deer@Collabor88-Cozy Cat Condo – Candy Pink
  • Kittys-Half Deer-Kitty Galore

And a little bit more-


  • Desk-Half Deer -Coming up Roses – Desk/Vanity Table
  • Chair-Half Deer -Coming up Roses – Chair 
  • Computer-dust bunny -bunny computer 
  • Pinboard-Kaleidoscope – Cloud Pinboard – RARE
  • Teacup-dust bunny@The Arcade-wanderlust . bouquet teacup
  • Ballons-Half Deer -Fairylight Balloons – Garden Party – Group
  • Tissues-Half Deer -Cuddly Tissue Box
  • Letters-Half Deer-Wood & Roses Letters
  • Mirror-Half Deer -Coming up Roses – Oval Wall Mirror (White)
  • Blankets-Half Deer -Neatly Folded Blankets – Baby Pink
  • Floor Petals-Half Deer -Sakura Petals – Medium Group – Pink
  • Floor hearts-Half Deer -Heart Glitter – Silver


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