My concert


PicMonkey Collage1

Im throwing a concert in my bedroom today! Dressing up with all my bears in our themes and singing lots of songs! I am tone deaf but thats ok who cares (apart from the neighbors) Haha.All these awesome bears are coming from Boogers@The Arcade (1st june).In total there are 15 commons 2 rares and 1 reward which is the stage,This has a clickable color change menu! The reward system is NEW and you will get this automatically if you play the machine 50 times its limited though and will be retired after this round so make sure you get it! Bears will also be retired after this arcade round. Dont worry about not being to get in either as there will be 2 identical sim to shop from and two homesteads to cam shop from! Perfect eh so all you need to do now is save all that money!! 

Everything i am wearing-

Lets start with pic number 1 

Pic number 2

Pic number 3

Microphone with poses-Tiny Trinkets-(past pose fair item)Singer in me pose pack

Gacha Key~





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