scarle&me blog

Draggin my lil sis around everywhere today we are going to find the best flowers,pick them and put them in our bedroom to stop it smelling of our smelly socks all the time!! 

  • Hair-Spellbound@Whimsical-Macaron~NEW
  • Crown-Zenith-Spring rose crown(left) and Baby’s Breath (right)
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling@Hello Beautiful-Dreamers Eyes-Lots of colors packs available 
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes
  • Under eye Highlights-okkbye
  • Necklaces-Bamse-Loyalty Necklace Gacha-Best sister- we have half a heart each 
  • Romper-Plum-Quil Gems-Lots available with a 6 color option change hud~NEW
  • Sandals-Paper Damsels-Valise Sandals-Sooo many colors availabe with 2 options with ans without gems~NEW
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shapes- I made them myself 
  • Her sippy is from Bowillow-Box Inspiration Sippy cup Gacha
  • Pose and popsical-Strawberry Jam-Summertime Stroll



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