• Hair-Blues-Luna
  • Crown-Royal Fusion-Royalty Crown for adults&td’s with many colors available
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes
  • Eyes-Ugly Duckling-Expressions Eyes
  • Under eye Highlights-okkbye
  • Ears-Mandala~Simple Ears
  • Necklace-Turducken-My Heart Locket-Opens and closed and allows you to add your own pics! My mama gave me mine so i always have a part of her with me and if i miss her i can just click and look at her face! ♥ Available in 3 colors 
  • Fen-Pink Acid-The Fennec Fox Gacha(Rare) Edited this and fitted this pink acid crown to its head so he looks all cuter! 
  • Outfit-Blush-Sommer- 8 colors -Coming soon (This week, keep checkin)
  • Shoes-Turducken-Espadrilles-Lots of other colors available
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape- Custom




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