Im having a sleepover tonight.My sisters from other misters are coming and so is my bestie Candy.We are going to have a bunch of fun doing each others hair and using my mama’s makeup (shh dont tell her).I cant wait!!

While i wait for them to arrive  i am eating my lil marshmellows cos these i dont want to share since there isnt very many in my secret stash. This lil marsh jar is is from BabyBurp@The Bricklane Gacha(20th April) There are loads to collect with all different things inside which are,Hamburger,Hotdogs,Pizza,Bacon,Fries. The we have the sweety ones which are Macarons(rare),Lolly,Cupcake and cookies. Then there are ones for you fruit lovers which are,Banana’s Apples,Cherries,Strawberries AND waterMelon.The second rare is a candyheart’Ilove you’ for that special somebody.Each one has this holding pose and if you click the jar you it gives you the mouthy of whatever is inside your jar!


And here they all are! We are all wearing our matching tee’s and socks which can be found at Lazo. The long lace t comes with a hud with 12 color changes to chose as do the socks so you can wear them seperate or together and match them up with anything! 

You can view all their blogs here-

Candy          Deliah          Fifi

Everything else i am wearing-


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