Spot of gardening


We been playing in the garden today digging catching worms planting flowers and making a huge mess! I doubt we will be in trouble though cause look how cute we are.No one can be mad at these faces!To visit my sister Kairi’s blog click HERE 

Our gardening gear is a from BoWillow@The Bricklane Gacha (7th April) in the my little garden-wildflowers Gacha heres whats up for grabs-

  1. Green houses which are animated for 1 adult and 2 kids
  2. Wildflower garden which sits 3 kids
  3. Planter boxes with dirt in them (animated)
  4. stepping stones (animated)
  5. Table which is color change 
  6. Garden tools, rezzable and wearable 
  7. Plant pots

My Little Garden v2 Gacha Ad

As you know by now i’m the shorty with the black hair check out what i am wearing-


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