No Boys Allowed

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Neyo wasnt having it he wanted to play with us in our castle but like it says NO BOYS ALLOWED.Even if you are dressed up as a girl in that dress you are not fooling us!! 

You look cute though and here is the evidence to show all your friends you dressed up as a girl todayHAHAHA! Poor Neyo

To visit my sissy Kairi’s Blog post click HERE

All our outfits are from BoWillow.They are available in 6 colors for boys and girls. White, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Powder Blue, Mint, and Sunshine.

The girls outfits come with 2 versions of the dresses,Tights,shoes,baskets (2 styles with & without bow) and 2 styles of flower crowns

The boys outfits (which i am wearing not neyo) comes with 1 vintage suit,tights,shoes,baret and baskets (with & without bow) 

Everything else i am wearing-


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