Family Moments


There is nothing i like more than having some family and friends time! Chilling and playing together even sharing food its just the best thing ever! I defo enjoyed playing with this new family chairs and buddy pillows which are valentines addition but id say you can use these all year round because we will always love our family wont we!!

This set is a Gacha by Babyburp@Color Me CuteI promise you will love this one. There are 2 large family chairs to collect which are the rares. They hold 2 parents and 4 kids and are loaded with lots of poses and props which each person can access from their menus. There is reading time, which is perfect for some family RP and you can even eat chips if you want to all sit and enjoy a movie together!

There are 16 commons to collect 15 of them are the heart shaped buddy pillows, all with different texts on them perfect for every family member/friend. They also have some pretty cool animations/props which i just know your going to enjoy. The ruffle rug to finish this set off is the other common. This little lot will keep you entertained for a long time so make sure you head on down and try your luck with this gacha! Good Luck and have fun!




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