Them ♥♥


These people right here are 3 of the best people in my sl and rl! I wouldnt trade them in for nothing. Candy ♥ Gracie ♥ Lew♥ This perfect LOVE pose from p.o.s.e@ATLT is a perfect way to show our friendship and what it means to us. Candy will also be bloggin this so you can check out her post ~HERE~foreignpicfinal2

Me,Candy and Lew are wearing the awesome new releases from foreign. We have on the  Leather Bomber Jacket with tshirt And the Leather Flaps shorts.both come in lots of colors/textures and are available in kid and baby sizes.Foreign has also moved sim so you can go and check them out HERE dont forget to save the new LM. Check out these bags, also a new release and LIMITED ADDITION!! Available in kids and adults sizes which are wearable on your back and hand you can get them at~ Foreign@Monsieur Chic-6 Colors available. 


Everything else i am wearing~

What Lew is wearing~

  • Beanie-Geek’s Blue Gold Plated Beanie (old gacha)
  • Skin-Meshmerized-Andy Skin
  • Ears-Mandala-Simple Ears Hutuu
  • Earring-Ryca-Diamond Stud Earring
  • Dog-Alchemy-Doge-French Bulldog-Hoodie
  • Sneaks-Flite-Outsiders Gacha
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape- I made it (custom)

Dont forget you can check out Candys blog HERE





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