The real Darth Vader….



“It’s a trap!!! ” There can only be one Darth Vader!!! The Force will not be with this pretender of the dark ones.


                                                Will the real darth vader Please stand up

Are you a star wars fan?Do you want to go to the dark side?  Check out this ‘Your father’ costume.Its Available from Meshmerized@Sidewalk Gacha.This is not a gacha item though its a full outfit which is available  For Kids,smb and Toddledoo sizes!!! Demo is is available

The Jedi Costume is also from Meshmerized and you can get it on mp HERE

Light saber-blueberry hill ~ laser sword sleek~These are found on MP (gacha resales)

 Figures-Birdy-Star Catz-Storm Troop Paw &R2DMEW  Figurine RARE

To see Candy’s Blog please click Here



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