Today i am MOMMY!!


Today i decided to try and be like my mommy!.Her skirt was way to big for me it was like a massive sleeping bag so i made my own out of a pillowcase and mommys hair ribbon,i did a good job dontcha thing? I found the most girly shoes ever and im going to learn to walk in them without falling over just like she does (unless she been drinking that red stuff then she sometimes tumbles).I found these spare glasses in her drawer with her ‘mommy’ crown.Her pearls even fit me twice around my neck.I cant wait for mommy to see how i look today i bet she will be so proud of me ♥

 Do you want to be like your mommy too? This fancy dress up Outfit is from ToddleTeez@Addicted To Pink.It fits TD kid and baby sizes.

                                                         Here’s what you get~

  • Bodysuit
  • Pillowcase Train
  • Frilled socks 
  • Panties
  • Crown
  • Headband
  • Glasses
  • Necklace
  • Heels  

                                                  Everything else i am wearing  ~


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