Cookie Helpers


I’m having alot of fun today with my sisters baking some cookies for the family. And maybe i might save one to give to santa.BoWillow has bought us this absolutely awesome cookie helpers gacha set for kid to kid event.This will be available till the end of december,so plenty of time to raid your piggy banks.This gacha has so much awesomeness to offer its all animated too.The table and bench are the rare.There is a clickable menu on it to change the texture. There are lots of commons to collect (infact theres 11) which includes wearable items so if you want to hit your big person across the head with your rolling pin you probably can (just kidding) There are 2 styles of chairs one set is white and the other has gingerbread ppl texture on the seat.These have animated poses are are also in big persons sizes incase your big person wants to watch over you and help decorate those cookies. All the little accessories  are super fun. The trays come in afew versions.There are empty ones, loaded up with cookies ones ready for the oven and ones waiting to be decorated the wearable ones are cute too for that extra RP Just be careful not to burn yourself on that oven.There is dough which is ready for kneading and a rolled out version.Flower mess,because we all know its kinda messy baking. Theres a rolling pin (dont forget the wearable one too) we  even have a iceing box with a tube that you can wear i bet you could sneak alittle bit of icing when no one is looking too!!My Grandmother  bear enjoyed baking with us. I hope she will let me try one of her cookies that she made because they sure do look delish.You can pick her up from the arcade out of the boogers gacha.Oh and the most important part…This table holds up to 7 avatars even better for having your friends join in the fun.




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