Im soooooo excited for christmas.I cant wait to see what santa brings me,I hope its everything on my list!It looks like my bears are eager to open their presents aswell! I got my bears from the Boogers Gacha at the arcade there are lots to collect so make sure you go and check them out at 25l a pull you really cant go wrong.Since the bears are only available at yardsales after the arcade finishes you really dont want to miss out on them.

My Pillow pose is a new release from p.o.s.e it includes 2 poses with a pillow for each.The second pose is a sleepy one but because i am really not tired right now i cant show you that one until bedtime its so sweet and we all need a xmas pillow on our beds dont we! 


Ears-Mandala~Steking Ears season5

Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes


Candy Cain-BoWillow@BDFBK-This is a free gift!!

My lil Gnome do you see his lil head popping out behind my pillow? hes from spoiled one@Addicted to Pink 


Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl

Shape- my own (custom)



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