Elfing around


Getting in the christmas spirit here with my big sis and niece do you like our elf boots?They are from Mesh Agency.They come in a family pack and are full perm (with terms of use)complete with UV+ao Map and PSD Download for you creators out there.They come in TD baby&kid sizes,Resize kids version,unrigged Male&Female and slink Male&Female so lots of choice.

Our hats are also from Mesh Agency they come in the Xmas elf pack.This pack is also full perm with terms of use. AO and UV  included.The items in this pack are as follows~

Xmas sit on mesh Elf deer (with pose)

Mesh candy staff which i am holding (with a pose)

Mesh Ginger Bread Man

Mesh Gift Pile that my big sister is holding (with a pose)

Go and check these out for your family pictures,creations and fun!!


Both mine and my niece’s xmas sweaters are from Mbl she has alot of different style/colors to offer so check those out.Click HERE for mp 

Skin-Vco-Nina skin

Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl

Shape- my own (custom)


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