Afternoon Nap


Having some girly time with my big sister. We was watching some cartoons on the tv and having a chat when BAM i fell asleep on her lap Oopsy You can get this cute Afternoon nap pose from Click@Lucky 7 it comes with a blanket with a texture change menu.

Everything i am wearing that you can see-

Hair- Truth-Althea(headband included)

Sweater-Buttercup-Emma oversized sweater

Leggings-Little Nerds-Diamond Leggings (a pack of 3)

Booties-ToddleTeeZ@The Play Room-Animal Booties~7 commons, 1 rare and 1 ultra rare to collect the ultra rare is a hud to change color/texture.

My sister? Nope sorry shes not for sale today but try again tomorrow!! 😀 

Skin-Vco-Nina skin

Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl

Shape- my own (custom)


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