My lil Bat


So…I went to visit my grandma in her old creepy house. She has this one room that i have never been into before she always told me not too,But while i was sat reading in the spare bedroom i kept hearing a strange noise coming from that room. Me being the very curious child that i am and always doing what i’m told not too I decided i was going to go in to check it out. Holding my breath because i was a little bit scared and not sure what i was going to find i opened the door. Yep it creeked which didn’t help my nerves and i waled straight into cobwebs ewww grandma really cant like this room because it looks like its never been cleaned. The fire in here was turned on which i found very strange as grandma hadn’t been here at all tonight and there was a few skeletons around.Maybe my grandma was holding a big secret.Shrugs who cares? i just wanted to know what that noise was. After wafting the cobwebs away and looking through the dust i saw a baby bat hanging from a shelf A new pet for me that’s exactly what i thought so i grabbed my hanky out my pocket and wrapped it around my new little friend.I decided to call him Percy and hes coming home with me. You can get your own little Blankie Bat @Trunk and Treat by Turducken.There are plenty to collect so go check them out!!

Also at Trunk or Treat is this awesome Skelly Sweater by just kidding available in many colors in baby and kid sizes.

Everything else i am wearing~

Hair-Blues-Skye.Headband included with color change hud

Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes

Mouth-Vco-Nene Mesh Lips

Leggings-Little Nerds-White Cotton Leggings

Boots-Flite-A-Solo snow boots (Gacha)

Skin-Vco-Nina skin

Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl

Shape- my own (custom)


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