This Awesome Bathroom


I am super excited about this bathroom that Muddpuddles brings us. This whole set has a menu to change colors to suit your decor which is always a good thing.

Starting with the double sink.This is useable for toddlers and Bigs.2 can used it at the same time and do different things on the menu’s.The menu is actually so adorable you have a choice of

wash hands,

brush hair where a brush rezzes and animates you.

Brush teeth, rezzes the brush,toothpaste and some water puddles utoh why are we always so messy.

Cut hair,animates you snipping away just be careful with those ears mine almost got snipped off.

Ducks I like this one it rezzes some cute ducks for you to play with with a little water mess.

The Toilet- This menu is so much fun. We have the potty seat which rezzes the cute seat and stool to make sure you dont fall in.

Boystand, yeah we have to make room for the boys too lol.

Ahh,this pose is a oopsy i fell in head first makes me laugh with the wriggly feet.

Scrub Floor, Yep lets save that for one for mommy.

Plunger for all those blockages although i think this one is for the mommy too lol.

Oops is a kinda chilling with ya butt in the loo pose always great for the long wee wee’s.

Duckies,-This rezzes some duckies on the seat in the loo for you to play with.

Game-lets you play on your phone while your waiting for the poop to come.

The Tub- So cute i adore this so much i will always be clean now that’s for sure!Menus for single,Parents and siblings 

first we have bubbles, yep you guessed it we get a tub fulla bubbles

splash-Oops we made a mess on the floor. ah well mommy can clean it up right?

wash,time to get ourself clean

Ducky- Duckys rezz to play with

Float-cute little floaty pose.

Dry off-Takes you out the tub and wraps a towel round you how awesome is that!! The parent can also dry you off on the parent menu along with the siblings 

The Rug comes with a clickable texture menu.Towel rail also comes with a color change menu for both towels. Wall decor this did make me chuckle especially the wipe your butt one.

Overall this is the best animated family bathroom i have used and its defo worth the buy! 

All poses are adjustable 


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